Double Clothes Lines

All Double Clothes Lines are galvanized for life time protection.  Our clothes lines are made from 2" inch heavy gauge box iron with a 3 – 3.5 mm thick wall. The Double Clothes Lines are 10 ft tall and when fitted 2 ft in the ground leaves you with 8 ft above.  We recommend fitting both lines 25 foot apart which leaves you with 60 ft of washing line.


€270 collected

€300 delivered nationwide.

We have something to suit all garden spaces.  Galvanized clothes lines are galvanized for rust-free protection, which means no maintenance and their shiny surface complements any garden.  They have their own winding system that is easy to use and trouble free. 

We offer nationwide washing line delivery service.

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Wall to wall winder with 2 extended T bars

Wall to wall winder with 2 eyes in each wall

Wall to wall winder with 1 extended T bar and 2 eyes in opposite wall